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Digital Displays & Devices - About us

Outdoor advertising is on the rise. From small indoor posters to gigantic spectaculars, the medium has become so ubiquitous that some advertising pundits have considered it as the fourth medium above the line together with TV, Radio and Print.

This increase in popularity has led to the emergence of several new types, technologies, and strategies that has consequently given advertisers so many options. It is then imperative for advertisers to be able to discern which outdoor medium will best suit their requirements.

Knowing the right medium to use is the key to maximising the opportunities in outdoor advertising. As such, D3 Digital Displays & Devices provides a one-stop shop for advertisers to help them create effective outdoor communications.

With 11 years of experience in outdoor and indoor digital signage throughout the GCC region and beyond, D3 has built excellent relationships with an exhaustive list of suppliers worldwide. Through these contacts, we can help you select, manage, install and maintain a wide variety of outdoor media.

As your outdoor media partner, we go beyond being mere suppliers. With our honed expertise and objective viewpoint, we have the ability to provide a ‘white glove’ approach to the process and are able to recognise and apply technology that works effectively in this very unique and harsh outdoor environment.